Receive passwords from external

With you can easily receive passwords of your customers, instead of having to use insecure ways such as email or WhatsApp. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, no one but you and the customer can see the data. They are first encrypted locally on the customer's device and transferred directly to your heylogin organization before being decrypted for you.


  1. Open and open your settings by hitting the little gear icon in the lower left corner. Under Beta program, click Activate in the window.
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  1. After enabling the feature, you will have a Login Inbox in your Organisation. Inside your Login Box select your personal link, such as and click on Add your contact information.
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  1. fill in your details and hit Save.
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Receive passwords

  1. You can now send your link via email or WhatsApp to your customers, from whom you like to receive passwords. In this example
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  1. When your customer opens the link they can easily enter the login information and transmit it to you end-to-end encrypted by clicking Transfer encrypted login. This is how it looks for your customers:
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  1. After your customer has sent their login, it will appear inside your Login Inbox ready to be assigned and to be uses in any team you have.
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We also inform you by email when you receive a new login!
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