Separate private from work logins

If you like to use heylogin for work and private logins in the same browser, we recommend to activate the free private account in heylogin.

There is no need to install heylogin a second time! One app is enough!

Activate the private account for free

  1. Open, click on “Private Account” and enter your private email address
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  1. Now you have a space for your private logins separated from all your organizations.
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Store new logins into the private account

When registering on a website, you can choose where this new login is stored by opening the password field and then selecting your new Private Account.

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Disable the private account in specific browsers

You can disable your private account in certain browsers in the following way

  1. Open the browser where you want to disable the private account
  1. Open and go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  1. In “Accounts”, you can enable / disable the private account by using the switch.
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  1. Please note that this disables the private account for this browser only.

Backup your private account

Please note that you have to protect your private account from possible loss of your smartphone. This is especially important since your private account is separately encrypted from your the organizations. An admin in an organization can only recover your access to this organization, it does not recover your private account.

For protecting the private account, write down a backup code or add another login device. Possible login devices are Windows Hello, Touch ID on Mac or external security keys, such as YubiKeys.

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