TOTP codes

heylogin supports TOTP 2-factor authentication. This means that you can log in with one click using both your password and your 6-digit code received from an authenticator app. So we replaced the Authenticator app for you, to give you a more automated login experience.


This means that as soon as you log in with heylogin on a website where you have activated TOTP, the TOTP is automatically filled in after the password.

If this does not work, there are several different ways to fill in the TOTP code, for example by

Use TOTP code by clicking the login:

Notion image

Enter TOTP code by right-clicking in the text field:

Notion image

Copy TOTP from the heylogin extension:

Notion image


The process to register your TOTP secret in heylogin looks different for each site, we have chosen GitHub for our example:

1.) Enable TOTP in your profile settings

Go to your profile settings. Under “Password and authentication”, click on the green “enable two-factor authentication” button

Notion image

2.) Set up using an App / Authenticator

Click on “Set up using an app” and continue

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3.) Add TOTP secret to heylogin

heylogin automatically detects the QR code and you can click “Add to login” on the the login mask

Notion image

4.) Copy the 6-digit code

Copy the 6-digit code shown on the login mask and paste it into the field “6-digit code”. Follow the instructions for your backup codes after this.

Notion image

5.) Finished

Congratulations, your TOTP is now autofilled every time you log into GitHub. As mentioned above, this process is different on every website.

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