Restore on Android

If you have previously activated the backup function of your Google account, heylogin uses this as an end-to-end encrypted backup mechanism.

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Transfer heylogin to a new phone

This method requires you to use the same Google account on your new phone as on your old phone!
  1. When opening heylogin on your new phone, you are asked to transfer heylogin to this new phone. This method uses the end-to-end encrypted backup of heylogin from your Google account.
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  1. After pressing the button, your heylogin account has been transferred to this new phone and you are logged in again. All your logins are available again.
  1. You now need to reconnect your devices and you are done!
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  1. heylogin is now connected to your new phone and disconnected from your old phone. Opening heylogin on your old phone, will show you this screen:
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End-to-end encryption

heylogin uses Android’s end-to-end encrypted backup functionality. This functionality is limited to devices that supports the required encrypted backups.

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