Smartphone lost?

heylogin does not work without a smartphone, however, in case of loss you can take several steps to restore functionality:

  1. If you are part of an heylogin organization, contact your admin. They can disconnect your old phone and connect a new phone. This is the easiest and best method to regain access.
  1. You can have heylogin generate a backup code in our mobile app for you in case of smartphone loss. This step should be taken as a precaution, in case of a lost or defective device this option is no longer available. With this you can restore heylogin on a new smartphone independently of your Google or Apple account. This way you can also switch between different operating systems (Android, iOS).
  1. If you have previously activated the backup function of your Apple or Google account, heylogin uses this as an end-to-end encrypted backup mechanism. You need to log in to a new smartphone with your old Google or Apple account to restore heylogin.

Reset account

If all methods fail and you are not able to recover access to your heylogin account, please contact our support via email or contact form to delete your old profile.

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