FIDO2 Keys / YubiKeys

As an alternative to your smartphone you can register a FIDO2 security key, such as a YubiKey. A security key has to be purchased separately, but it allows unlocking the account across devices, which is handy in an emergency.

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Setting up a security key

  1. Start by going to and open settings with a click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and click on Login Devices.
  1. Under Additional login devices find Security key and click Configure for all devices. and follow the instructions from your Security key.
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Supported security keys

This list is not exhaustive, but contains most well known brands and models. In general, heylogin only works with modern FIDO2 security keys. Security keys for “FIDO U2F” are not supported.

Support status
Security Key by Yubico
YubiKey 5 series
YubiKey Bio
YubiKey 4 series
YubiKey NEO
FIDO2 keys
FIDO U2F keys
It must list FIDO2 capability
Google Titan Key
Nitrokey 3
Nitrokey FIDO2
other Nitrokeys
Atos CardOS DI v5.3 FIDO2
HID Crescendo C2300
VivoKey Apex

Recommended security keys

Please contact our sales team at to get a recommendation for your company based on your security and usability requirements.

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